Nonmetallic Materials produced using chemicals and polymers originating from the hydrocarbon value chain are becoming increasingly important in our society. Nonmetallic materials are used to mitigate corrosion in oil and gas facilities, which are mostly made of carbon steel and prone to corrosion due to exposure to common oil field fluids, H2S, CO2, and even microorganisms. The usage of nonmetallic products in Saudi Aramco has increased significantly in recent years as a result of the benefits of this material in corrosion prevention, speedier installations, and life cycle cost reductions. Apart from the traditional nonmetallic applications in water and low pressure services, which began in the 1970s, we have now successfully installed almost 10,000 km of pipes in a variety of applications. 

Nonmetallic materials in replacing incumbent material systems, their features, and essential components that need to be looked into for wider and augmented penetration will be discussed in this talk. We’ll also discuss the growth of cutting-edge materials like carbon fiber, their potential uses, and work required to promote adoption

About the Speaker

Anwar Parvez is currently working as the Lead SME and Vice Chairman of SA Nonmetallic Standard Committee under Nonmetallic Engineering Division at Saudi Aramco. Anwar spent nearly 20 years in the field as a Consultant, R&D and Project engineer in various companies. He also boasts significant international experience while working in several countries including Canada, Bangladesh, Singapore and Saudi Arabia.

Anwar worked as a nonmetallic technical lead in numerous multi-billion dollar O&G projects while involved in deployment of nonmetallic technologies in onshore, offshore and downhole. He led and contributed to numerous R&D projects including composite pipe development, automotive engine block and helicopter landing gear materials optimization. Results oriented leader with a proven track record of attaining complex project objectives through innovation, new application development and sustainable process development. Conceived and drove the creation of several new nonmetallic technology/applications while his work supported in the creation of new business ventures and rapid organic growth of composite product manufacturers.

Anwar received his Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering from Khulna University of Engineering and Technology, Bangladesh. He completed two Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering with emphasis on Polymer and Plastic Engineering from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore and Metal Matrix Composite from Concordia University, Canada. He has published more than 50 technical papers in International Journals, Conferences and Media Outlets. He is a voting member in selected API and ISO Standard Committee, and technical advisory member of Nonmetallic Innovation Center, UK and technical committee member in IOGP nonmetallic stream. Anwar served as Chairman and Vice Chairman for nonmetallic stream in several Middle East NACE and AWS Conferences. He is a recipient of Saudi Aramco’s President Excellence Award and received Excellence In Nonmetallic Technology Award by NACE Dhahran Saudi Arabia.

By Eng. Parvez Md Anwar

  •  Engineering Specialist – Saudi Aramco
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