Chief Technology Officer
National Composites Centre

Dr Enrique Garcia has been the Chief Technical Officer at the National Composites Centre in Bristol, a centre of excellence in composites technology development since Spring 2015.

He has extensive experience in R&D and product development in diverse industries – renewable energy, aerospace, automotive, railways, holding senior manager positions in all of these sectors.

He has focused on polymer-based products working from the nanoscale to the largest composite structures using a wide variety of manufacturing technologies with a special emphasis in design for manufacturing. He has developed successful strategies to lead innovation teams while adding value by guaranteeing schedules and quality and minimizing costs.

Enrique’s passion is to tackle big challenges and to share his vision with others by innovating, creating and developing. Enrique is particularly interested in working closely with academia, government and industry to develop capability and technology at the NCC that bridges the so-called “Valley of Death”, transforming bright ideas into successful composite products.

He has an Executive MBA from one of the top-five worldwide business schools, engineering degrees (BEng, MSc and PhD), speaks fluent English, Italian, and Spanish, and can hold a conversation in French.