Founding President

Professor of Mechanical Engineering,
Director of Composites Lab, KAUST
Associate Dean for PSE Faculty, KAUST

Gilles Lubineau is Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Associate Dean for PSE Faculty at KAUST.

He is principal investigator for Composites Lab (Mechanics of Composites for Energy and Mobility) previously known as COHMAS (COmposite and Heterogeneous Materials Analysis and Simulation, an integrated environment for composite engineering that he created in 2009 when joining KAUST).

Following his “aggregation” in theoretical mechanics, Pr. Lubineau earned a PhD degree in Mechanical Engineering from École Normale Supérieure de Cachan (ENS-Cachan), France. Before joining KAUST, Pr. Lubineau was a faculty member at the École Normale Supérieure of Cachan, and a non-resident faculty member at the École Polytechnique, France. He also served as a visiting researcher at UC-Berkeley.

His fields of research include: integrity at short and/or long-term of composite materials and structures, inverse problems for the identifica­tion of constitutive parameters, multi-scale coupling technique, nano and/or multifunctional materials. He covers a wide expertise related to most fields of composite materials, with over 200 published papers in journal spanning from material science (Advanced Materials, Macro­molecules, etc..) all the way to theoretical mechanics (JMPS, CST, Scien­tific Reports) and applied maths (IJNME, CMAME, etc.).

He is also board member for various journals, including the Internation­al Journal of Damage Mechanics.

Prof. Lubineau is an elected Member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts