SASCOM members share the following objectives:

  • To encourage the exchange of knowledge and information on all aspects related to composite materials, by connecting scholars, professionals and experts from all over the world,
  • To promote both national and international collaborations related to composite materials,
  • To develop and promote educational offer related to composite materials,
  • To nurture an effective environment for innovation and creation of value in the field of composite materials,
  • To support our partners either by directly providing expertise on Composite Materials or by advising where to find the best experts,
  • To recognize individual of outstanding contributions in the technology of composite materials by granting the SASCOM medal,
  • To provide a Middle-East wide forum for the discussion of such topics, e.g. by organizing the SASCOM Conference  and more specialized symposia related to composites.

Words of the President

We are going through a pivotal period in which composite materials will have a key role to play, both nationally and internationally.

At the national level, the development of high performance composite materials is a necessary step for the creation of value from petrochemical resources and the development of advanced industries in the field of aeronautics, civil engineering, automotive. These sectors, among others, will benefit from the desire to relocate a number of manufacturing facilities in the kingdom, and will require the creation of new technological solutions to ensure their competitiveness. Composite materials have a prime place.

At the international level, the major challenge of developing mobility while ensuring low energy consumption will require increasingly optimized, light structures, integrating many functions through the use of intelligent and multifunctional equipment. Smart composites, capable of self-diagnosis and communications to ensure optimize control of clouds of structures will become more and more common. On another aspect, the challenges of recycling and optimizing the service cycle or the end of life of structures are still open problems.

SASCOM brings together scientists, engineers and industrial partners from all aspects of science and engineering of composite materials. We make collaborate together chemists, engineers and scientists of materials, mechanics, designers, mathematicians, numericians, experimenters and modelers, in order to find new solutions to the major problems that our modern society must face.

We are pleased to welcome you to the Saudi Arabian Society for Composite Materials.

Gilles Lubineau
Chairman of the SASCOM, Saudi Arabian Society for composite materials

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